What is The International Certification of Psychics?:

We are a premier organization that has been certifying psychics since 1998.  We don't sell anything to the public - we just offer CERTIFICATION to authentic, accurate TOP-NOTCH psychics throughout the world.  We're all about providing the consumer with peace-of-mind when dealing with psychics (and other people involved with the metaphysical).  Psychics who display the International Certification of Psychics seal (see below) are REAL PEOPLE who have been verified and certified as genuine, accurate and reliable psychics. 

More About Us:

The International Certification of Psychics seal is synonymous with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.  Our members
have agreed to and signed our Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement (both can be viewed on this site).  They have an established clientele.  They are verified and certified not only for their psychic (or other metaphysical) ability but they have also been carefully screened to insure consumers a pleasant and rewarding experience.  The psychics we certify have an outstanding record of satisfied repeat clients.

Who are the Psychics?:

Many of our psychics have appeared on TV and radio shows, have strong followings and documented successes.  Many have appeared in newspaper and magazine articles.  Some of the psychics certified by us are consulted by top forensic and law officials.  Others have top celebrity, business and sports clientele.  They are the REAL THING!!   Each psychic has been carefully verified and certified; they are a REAL person and they have passed our stringent certification testing process - validating their accuracy, dependability and background information.

ICP on the Web:

We just hit the internet (ok we're a little behind with technology!).. so we will be making improvements to this website on a regular basis.  We also will be moving to our own domain shortly (sorry for the inconvenience).

Top Ranked Psychics:

We are getting ready to launch a BRAND new feature on this website - The International Certification of Psychics TOP RANKING PSYCHICS.  We'll have an annoucement on this site when we have that feature working!

What we Offer:

All of the above PLUS coming soon is an on-line DIRECTORY with the PREMIER psychics certified by us.  This will be on-line by summer 2007.  In the mean-time.. when requesting services from any psychic (on the internet or in person) BE SURE to ask if they are certified by us.  If a psychic does NOT have our certification.. well, then you are on your own.  When you use a psychic certified by us - we stand behind the abilities of the psychics, spell-casters and other practitioners we have certified.  If you have any questions or concerns.. simply contact us and we will work with you and the psychic to resolve any issues.

Important Information About Us:
  • The ONLY function(s) we have are certification of psychics and providing a DIRECTORY of Certified psychics on this website.
  • We do not offer readings 
  • We do not offer advertising 
  • We rigorously 'qualify' all psychics, healers, spell-casters, etc that are certified by us.
  • We stand behind every psychic that is certified by us.
  • We help resolve any issues that may arise from the use of any individual listed on our site.   If more than 3 unresolved complaints come in within a 6 month period - the psychic is put on 'probation' for 6 months and re-instated if all problems are resolved within that 6 month time period.
  • We ONLY certify individuals.  We do NOT certify businesses that provide psychic readings or services - however , some of the psychics on these sites have been certified by us and proudly display the International Certification of Psychics seal. 

If you are a psychic, healer, channeler, spell-caster, etc are you are interested in getting the prestigious International Certification of Psychics Certification - please click here for details.

Authentic Psychic Certification by the prestigious International Certification of Psychics, Ltd.

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