Welcome Message to Psychics :

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The International Certification of Psychics is the up-and-coming organization for the certification of professional, genuine and accurate psychics.  We are the ONLY organization in the entire world whose sole function is to certify psychics.  We don't sell, market, offer psychic
consultations or ask for advertising, or any other service.  Throughout this website we refer to 'psychics' but we use that word loosely to mean not only psychics, tarot card readers, astrologers, spell-casters, healers, etc but all those involved in providing metaphysical service(s). 

We currently have over 12,000 psychics certified throughout the world and we'd like to include you in that list of premier, certified psychics!!!

ON-LINE DIRECTORY/REFERRAL SERVICE:  We have just launched this website in April 2007 so our presence on the internet is very new.  We are in the process of creating an on-line searchable 'DIRECTORY/REFERRAL SERVICE'.  All Psychics who have current certification from our organization will appear in the PSYCHIC DIRECTORY which will be available some time in 2008-2009.

Psychics are Recertified from time-to-time:

To insure our outstanding reputation and those of our member psychics we do periodically re-certify.. generally every 1-3 years. 

We currently have it under review to do a yearly recertification of psychics.. so we will keep you posted on that development. 

Recertification ultimately protects you as well as us.. and insures the client that they are getting the BEST POSSIBLE service from RELIABLE and AUTHENTIC psychics. 

Times Have Changed:

Prior to the influx of psychics on the internet - the most common way to find a psychic was word-of-mouth.  To some degree that is still true - but more often people search the internet looking for websites that draw them in.  With the internet we can reach people in ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD - but in today's age of 'identity theft' some consumers have voiced their concerns about handing over their hard-earned money and private information to people they don't know.  That is why we are here.  We qualify psychics with our rigorous certification process.  This way, when you deal with a psychic with International Psychic Certification you know they are authentic and reliable.  Psychics can PROUDLY display the SEAL.

Customer Service:
One of the many benefits of being certified by us is we will assist you and the client if any complaints or concerns are raised.  We do ask that the client first tries to resolve any issues directly with the member psychic.  If that attempt is not successful, we do intervene.  Historically, our role is to resolve issues and insure that both the customer and the member psychic is happy with the outcome.  Our guidelines are FAIRNESS and HONESTY.

How Our Service Works:
Complete the Certification Application  and provide us with some basic information, ID and references.  We verify who you are and how you do business (phone, in person, on-line, etc etc).  We then schedule a short phone conversation where you do an 'test' reading for at least one of our Board or Committee Members.  After that 'test' reading we will contact you within 48 hours to begin the psychic testing portion of your certification process. If you pass and are accepted as a psychic certified by us you will receive the International Psychic Certification seal (like the one displayed below) which you can use on your printed materials, website, ads, etc.  The first year cost is $100.00 which includes a $25.00 processing fee.  Each subsequent year membership is only $75.00.

We do ask that ONLY experienced psychics with proven abilities apply.  However, should we be denied acceptance for the International Certification of Psychic - we will provide a REFUND of $75.00 within 24 hours of refusal.  We charge a non-refundable $25.00 for the processing/consultation fee.

The Wave of the Future:

Just 10 years ago - most people located a psychic by word-of-mouth or a print ad.  Nowadays with the power of the internet, there are thousands and thousands of individuals who represent themselves as psychics or authentic spell-casters.  The satisfaction level of the consumer is low - yet they continue to search for someone to give them true and valid information.  We all understand that even a very accurate psychic isn't correct 100% of the time.  However, more and more psychic websites are appearing on-line and very little (if anything) is known about the people lurking behind the scenes.  Consumers are handing over their personal information and have become more leery.  More and more consumers are making formal complaints to consumer groups and the better business bureau about being ripped off.  That is why we established the International Certification of Psychics to INSURE the consumer that they are dealing with a legitimate psychic.  We believe the value of having such certification is PARAMOUNT and in coming years.. we hope the ONLY psychics out there (taking people's money) are one's that have been 'qualified' by organizations such as the International Certification of Psychics.

Authentic Psychic - International Certification of Psychics.. get certified today!

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